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Gas Gas/Husqvarna/KTM Wiseco Piston Kit – 47.00 mm Bore

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Wiseco 2 Stroke Racer Elite Piston Kit, 47.00 mm Bore

Wiseco’s Racer Elite series forged 2-stroke pistons deliver industry-first 2-stroke piston design and technology to perform in even the most serious racing conditions. These are the first 2-stroke pistons to be forged from 2000 series alloy, providing even greater tensile strength. ArmorPlating surface treatment on the crown, in the ring groove(s), and in the pin bores protects from harmful operating conditions, while Wiseco’s proprietary ArmorFit skirt coating conforms to the cylinder bore for optimized fitment and performance. For the serious 2-stroke rider and racer, Racer Elite is the only choice.

  • Designed for full-race 2-stroke applications
  • Engineered, forged, and machined in the USA in Mentor, OH
  • First 2-stroke piston to be forged with 2000-series alloy, providing greater tensile strength
  • ArmorPlating surface treatment on crown, in ring groove and pin bores protext from harmful detonation, friction wear, and ring micro-welding
  • ArmorFit skirt coating conforms to the cylinder bore for optimized fitment, translating to optimized performance
  • High-quality ring(s), wrist pin(s), and circlips included

GTIN: 00193564138262

Product Series

2 Stroke Racer Elite Series

Included Components

Ring Set #1850CS, Wrist Pin #S517, CirClip #CW14

Bore Diameter

47.00 MM

Piston Diameter

46.94 MM

Piston Material


Skirt Coating


Piston Oversize


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