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CV4 CV715-31M Radiator Cap Decal 1-1/2

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CV4 CV715-31M Radiator Cap Decal 1-1/2.

CV4 is a well-known name in powersports for its elite heat-protection focused line of products for dirt bikes and ATVs. Found flowing coolant and managing temperatures on everything from factory race machines to everyday riders’ bikes, CV4 products are rider-focused and race-proven. The CV4 lineup includes high-performance radiator hoses and clamps, high pressure radiator caps, thermal barrier film, temperature strips, vent hoses and more.

  • Radiator hoses manufactured with high-temperature resistant and scuff/wear resistant silicone material for long term service
  • High-pressure radiator caps help prevent overheating
  • Thermal barrier film helps keep fuel and other critical components cool for performance and protection
  • Complete line of thermal mangement accessories to complement your powersports machine
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CV4 Thermal Solutions

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