For the first project bike of the year, Wiseco has chosen the 2009 Honda CRF450R. This fresh new racer is packed with loads of high performance goodies like a Wiseco Piston & Clutch Basket and includes the latest and most advanced technology available.

Click To View Motocross Action's review of this bike our EFI unit.

Do you want to build your own CRF450R? At the bottom of this page you will find all of the parts used in the build, along with accessories supplied by our sponsors. Components can be purchased by clicking links below.

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We started with our bread and butter and upgraded the heart of the engine with our brand new 13:1 high compression piston. This piston is loaded with features and is built on a dedicated forging, so the strength-to-weight ratio is perfectly optimized for this application. In addition, Wiseco’s new ArmorGlide coating was used for reduced friction, quiet operation, and extra insurance against cold scuffing.

To compliment the new heart of the engine, and to help it breath, we upgraded the lungs with an ultra-light full titanium Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust system. In this case the bark is as nasty as the bite, as the handsomely tuned system drew improved power delivery from the engine, giving it a very ride-able power band with nice increases over stock.

The most exciting part on the CRF450R is our new Fuel Management EFI Controller. Just like with a carbureted bike, to fully benefit from the changes we made to the piston and exhaust system, the fuel delivery needed adjusted. Wiseco’s new Generation 3.5 Fuel Management Controller allows the user to dial in the injector duration with the touch of a button.

With simple plug-and-play installation, the user is able to select one of three tuning zones, that are synonymous with the pilot jet circuit, needle jet circuit, and main jet circuit on a carburetor. There is no laptop or external power supply needed! Once installed, the Fuel Management Controller can be used to select the necessary tuning zone, and then simply add or subtract fuel to maximize the power delivery, or optimize ride-ability.

If that isn’t cool enough, we took the Fuel Controller one step further by coupling it with an external oxygen sensor mounted in the head pipe of the exhaust. This allowed us to run in full CLOSED loop mode, which maintains a specified air/fuel ratio at any given point in the RPM range, altitude, or temperature. Once the perfect air/fuel ratio is identified, our Fuel Management Controller will monitor the exhaust through the oxygen sensor, and hold the fuel delivery exactly at the programmed ratio.

To finish off the project bike, we installed our brand new 6-spring clutch, which includes a fully forged clutch basket, inner hub, and pressure plate, and Wiseco frictions, drive plates, and springs. The stock 4-spring CRF450R clutch has a heavy pull, and uneven spring clamping. The Wiseco design improves on that by offering a retrofit to the better 6-spring design, which evens the clamping load and lightens the pull at the lever.

We went with the CV4 radiator hose kit to eliminate the tee in the lines, and improve the quality and appearance of the stock hoses. Pro-Action took care of the suspension to ensure the bike handled as well as it ran. Renthal is handling the drive department with a R3 Gold O-Ring chain, Ultralite rear sprocket, and grooved front sprocket. Braking USA ensured the stopping power is up to par with a 270mm oversized front wave rotor and rear wave rotor. We used the Cycra M2 pivoting hand guard system for roost protection. Johnny Signs finished off the bike with a beautiful custom graphics kit highlighting the Wiseco-powered bike and supporting sponsors.

Wiseco’s 13:1 high compression piston was used and is made in the USA. NEW Wiseco’s EFI controller was used to easily optimize the air to fuel ratio. Yoshimura’s RS4 titanium pipe and silencer along with CV4 radiator hoses.
Dunlop tires, Braking rotors, and Pro Wheel wheels and hubs were used. A Renthal o-ring chain and sprockets round out the CRF450R’s controls. Cycra pivoting hand guards, Renthal bars and grips, decals by Johnny Signs.

Item Description 2009 Honda CRF450R Build Vendor
Engine EFI Controller Wiseco 3.5 EFI Controller with
closed loop feedback - Part#:FMC026
Wiseco Piston Inc.
O2 sensor Wiseco Exhaust O2 sensor Wiseco Piston Inc.
Forged Piston Wiseco 13:1 High Compression - Part#:4979M09600 Wiseco Piston Inc.
Forged Clutch Basket Part#:WPP3055 Wiseco Piston Inc.
Forged Inner Hub Part#:WPP4014 Wiseco Piston Inc.
Forged Pressure Plate Part#:WPP5002 Wiseco Piston Inc.
CV4 Radiator Hoses CV4 white hoses CV Products
Exhaust Pipe and Silencer Yoshimura RS4 Titanium complete system Yoshimura
Wheels Wheels Pro Wheel assembly front black rim, red hub 21" Pro Wheel Racing
Hubs Pro Wheel assembly rear black rim, red hub 19" Pro Wheel Racing
Tires Dunlop Dunlop MX51 Front tire 80/100 x 21" Dunlop
Dunlop Dunlop MX51 Rear tire 120/80 x 19" Dunlop
Suspension Pro-Action Custom valving and spring settings Pro Action Suspension
Renthal Bars Black 7/8" RC bend Renthal
Renthal Grips Dual Compound Renthal
Handguards Cycra M2 Pivoting system Cycra
Renthal O-ring Chain R3-2 520 Gold O-Ring Renthal
Renthal Sprockets Red rear sprocket, standard front, stock gearing Renthal
Brakes Front rotor 270mm Oversize front wave rotor with hanger Braking USA
Rear rotor Braking Standard size rear wave rotor Braking USA
Graphics Custom graphics Red, silver, black stripped, custom number #68
with "W" icon ghosted into background
Johnny Signs

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