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In 2008, we experienced quality issues with our newly developed crankshaft product line. Unfortunately, our customers had to experience these issues first hand. We stood behind our customers by supporting warranty claims and working with them to come
to a resolution, even if that meant recommending the OEM part for a particular situation. We have learned from this experience and made very significant changes to how we ensure our crankshaft quality today.

• From the beginning, Wiseco crankshafts have been designed in Mentor, Ohio by our engineering team and produced by an outside partner. Our initial verification of quality was very good, but we now know we were not diligent enough with our suppliers
to ensure quality was delivered every time. Since recognizing the quality issues, we have established that the following issues have taken place: Melted stuffers due to big end failures
• Failed big end bearings
• Tin can failures on the CR250R model
• Broken connecting rods
We have dedicated a tremendous amount of time to analyzing each of these issues with the intent to identify the root cause and implement changes that are a permanent solution. The plan put in place was to improve the quality of our product in a 24-month period. Our goal was to not only identify why these issues occurred in the past, but to learn how we can identify and prevent them going forward. Based on our findings, here is a summary of the permanent actions we have taken to improve our crankshafts:

We tightened the requirements on heat treatment, materials,
chamfering, and deburring.

When we saw customers with broken connecting rods, we conducted material and hardness testing. Under the microscope, we found that the depth of the heat treatment was inconsistent. We even found that the heat treatment was skipped in certain cases. The other issue that was found during this testing was the quality of the steel. The resolution came from both our supplier and our team in Mentor. We required a tighter spec on the steel used in the connecting rods and a strict heat treat spec across the entire crankshaft line. Our supplier invested in CNC induction hardening equipment that guarantees a consistent heat treat with controlled temperature and feed rate. We also put stricter chamfering and deburring criteria just to make sure everything was clean.

We required our supplier to make a clean room for final assembly and improve the fit and finish of the final product

Through our analysis, it was determined that the combination of heat treatment and the cleanliness of the final assembly area were vital to the quality of the product. We were seeing issues with failed bearings that were not related to the heat treatment of the connecting rod or other components. By establishing a clean room environment, we are now confident the assembly will be performance correctly and without the introduction of unwanted debris. We redesigned the tin can. A major issue seen with the CR250R crankshaft was failure due to the tin can design. In 2012, the project was completed to convert the model to plastic stuffers which has greatly improved this specific model. Recently, the OEM also converted their tin can design to plastic stuffers, further supporting our belief that this design can have a positive impact on the performance of the part.

Quality Checked

Every Wiseco crank has been engineered in the US and rigorously tested to ensure it exceeds the highest quality standards. • Measurement and materials testing to determine whether the crank is in spec. • Testing via our in-house dyno facility and compared against the OE benchmark- wide open throttle for 4 hours.

We increased inspection requirements both with our supplier and in our Mentor, Ohio Quality Lab.

The videos (below or link to them) showing the dyno and lab inspection process is the final result of the increased inspection requirements we put in place. Increasing the inspection requirements from our supplier is a start, but increasing inspection once they arrive in our Mentor, Ohio facility give us confidence that we are sending the best possible product to you. Our manufacturing facility has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since June 2005 which ensures our processes are documented. Wiseco crankshafts are now tested under loaded conditions at 4 hours wide open throttle on our dynos. In addition, all critical measurements are verified on our CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and by our techs in our ISO certified lab. All lab equipment is validated, verified and calibrated to ISO standards. Each crankshaft is measured to an accuracy of up to +/- .0001” to ensure every part is equal to or better than OEM. We hope this detailed explanation provides you with the confidence to know Wiseco crankshafts are now held to the high quality standard you’ve come to expect from our team. We thank all our customers for their patience and continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us anytime at 800-321-1364 or questions@wiseco.com.

Thank you for choosing Wiseco!
-The Wiseco Team
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