Fuel Management Controllers

To get the most out of upgrades like high compression pistons, performance camshafts, exhausts or another power adding components, adjusting the amount of fuel being delivered is a logical next step. Much like re-jetting or adjusting the pilot, needle, and main jet circuit in a carburetor, Wiseco's 3.5 Fuel Management Controllers can really enhance the performance of aftermarket parts.

Wiseco’s new Generation 3.5 Fuel Management Controllers for EFI tuning are extremely simple and easy to use and better yet they require no dyno, complex hookups, power supplies, or extra wiring harnesses! With the push of a button, you can easily adjust fuel delivery by adding/subtracting fuel from each zone to work in conjunction with your latest modifications. The display lights on the controller will display the injector pulse duration, which provides instant feedback for where to make the tuning adjustments. Simply plug the included connector into the existing factory wiring harnesses, mount the controller for easy access, and make the adjustments without ever leaving the seat of your bike/ATV. It doesn’t get any easier than this to dial in your new EFI engine. Our new CRF450 Project bike featured this unit, Click HERE to see it in action and read a review from Motocross Action Magazine.

Click HERE For A Video Demo Of This Unit

We Now Carry Universal Mounts For Our FMC Units - Click Here For More

To see if we have a unit for your application, please do a Year/Make/Model search and look under the accessory tab.

This cost effective EFI controller also has data logging capabilities for easy analysis of actual track data. With the addition of an oxygen sensor, it even has the capability to run in full closed-loop mode. This allows users to dial in a specified air-fuel ratio, and the Wiseco controller will hold the air-fuel ratio at a constant set point throughout the entire throttle opening and RPM range. In addition, it has a built-in accelerator pump tuning capability to make up the fuel lost to low vacuum until the revs build.

The Wiseco controller uses the OEM base code, and does not scramble the stock code, which makes going back to the stock setup a snap. This allows the controller to accurately tune the injector pulse duration for consistent, repeatable fuel delivery. These controllers are available for various popular EFI models from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM. Please reference our online search engine to find a controller made specifically for your application.

Carburetor Jet Kits

Wiseco carries jet kits for Keihin and Mikuni carburetors to allow tuning after an exhaust or other type of engine modification. These tuning kits will help improve midrange throttle response and add additional fuel to wide open throttle running conditions. These kits are sold with five jets per size giving endless tuning capabilities for your off road bike or snowmobile. Below are the current Part numbers being offered.

JK001 - Keihin Mains
JK002 - Keihin Pilots
JK003 - Mikuni Mains
JK004 - Mikuni Pilots

Performance Gasket Kits / Seals

To complement our complete line of pistons, Wiseco offers complete gasket kits for both the top and bottom end as well as main seals. Each Wiseco gasket kit is made from the highest quality materials and engineered by Wiseco to insure compatibility with Wiseco pistons and crankshafts. Using our wide range of talents, each gasket kit is sourced in-house to find the most reliable, high quality suppliers available.

You can purchase Wiseco complete gasket kits separately, or in one of our complete top end rebuild or bottom end rebuild kits. These kits are available for applications in our off-road motorcycles and ATVs, on-road motorcycles, snowmobiles, and V-Twin catalogs and come with all gaskets necessary for a rebuild.

Rings, Pins, Clips, Bearings

We have a huge ring selection available for just about any model or riding situation. In addition to our standard rings we also offer stronger Titanium Nitride coated rings that resist wear from the exhaust bridge and are designed for extreme racing conditions. These rings maintain their size and geometry for exceptional ring seal providing sustained peak performance in race applications.

We have a variety of pins available from unchromed and chromed to high tensile steel pins for extreme applications. Wiseco engineers have chosen high quality bearings that are manufactured to the highest standards and are case hardened for maximum life and smooth operation at high RPM’s.

Cylinder Sleeves

Wiseco has been offering high quality cylinder sleeves from Advanced Sleeve and LA Sleeve for many years because of the quality and care put into the manufacturing process. We do not offer the entire product line but do stock sleeves for the most popular applications and big bore setups.

You can reference our paper catalog for a full listing of sleeves or you can see them listed under the accessories section when doing a year/make/model search by application. Both of these companies design and produce high quality engine sleeves manufactured from cast iron, ductile iron, and aluminum for your performance application.

Tapered Ring Compressor Sleeves

Machined from Wiseco sleeve forgings to offer the same toughness as Wiseco's forged pistons. These compressor sleeves are hard anodized and Teflon coated for low friction and prolonged wear resistance. These sleeves have a smooth radius that tapers down to the specific bore size to make installation of any piston a breeze.

You will find that these sleeves compress the piston rings smoothly and evenly, greatly reducing the difficulty with installing thin high-performance oil rings. If you've ever broken or bent a ring, these high quality sleeves will be a lifesaver for your shop and come in a large range of sizes.

Honing Brushes

Wiseco supplies honing brushes in multiple sizes to assist in your rebuild. These nylon soft hone brushes assure a proper ring seal in Cast Iron Sleeved Cylinders. These brushes along with a cross hatch sanding will assure your rings will seal properly and have adequate lubrication.

Because the boring or honing process can be different based on cylinder type, please contact an engine builder to receive further instruction if you should have any questions.

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