Dear Valued Marine Customers:

We would personally like to thank you for your continued support of Wiseco products and we are also writing to inform you of an upcoming change to our Marine Product Distribution strategy. Driven by many changes in the Marine Rebuild Market, all shelf stock Wiseco Marine Pistons will be exclusively distributed by Pro Marine beginning on 01/01/2019. Pro Marine’s phone number is 941-721-3000.

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Wiseco Pistons
After 75 years since our first performance marine piston was made, the marine market is still one of our most recognized segments. Having a reputation of providing parts that can withstand these extreme environments is one of the reasons Wiseco is still around today. We provide forged internal components for most inboard marine engines as well as your Chrysler, Force, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Suzuki, Tohatso, Nissan, or Yamaha outboard.

Precision Forgings, state of the art CNC finishing, ArmorGlide® skirt coating, complex dome profiles, and optimized shirt shapes are only a few features that make Wiseco forged pistons the best available. The same dedication and engineering go into our camshafts, valves, crankshafts, connecting rods, and all the matching accessories. More details about the engineering behind our parts can be found by clicking the links below.

Forged Pistons
High performance forged pistons with race proven design. Aerospace alloy,CNC machining, more...
Clutch Components
Precision forged clutch baskets & components with specialized grain flow, anodizing, more...
Crankshafts & Rods
Forged connecting rods with improved grain flow. Race tested crankshaft assemblies, more...
Camshafts & Valves
High strength billet camshafts, CVD/CNI coated titanium valves, shims, cam chains, more...
Premium gasket kits for better sealing, high grade titanium rings, jetting kits, pins, bearings, more...
Wiseco Outboard Marine pistons include twin semi-keystone rings offer maximum ring seal with less than 1% ring blow-by. Wiseco’s semi-keystone rings are a 7° tapered compression ring, chrome faced, high temperature steel alloy with ferrox coating. All outboard marine pistons are Electra coated for superior strength, wear resistance, and greater extension of ring grooves and pin bores. The coating creates a surface nearly as hard as diamonds, eliminating micro-welding of the piston rings to the grooves and prevents galling in the pin bore. Since the domes are Electra coated, along with the rest of the piston, there is additional protection against erosion from detonation. The piston also stays cooler since the coating helps reflect heat into the combustion chamber. Limited models feature Wiseco’s ArmorGlide™ skirt coating, reducing friction and piston noise.

We offer countless products for each manufacturer ranging from the latest model releases to popular models released throughout history. We can also make custom pistons for just about any model if your order meets our minimum quantity guideline.
Below are just a few of the many applications we offer, if you would like to see a complete listing, please click HERE.
• E-Tec (DI)
• Ficht
• 60 Degree
• XP
• Looper
• Turbo Jet
• Chrysler
• L Drive

• 150 S
• DT
• 4 Stroke

• Mercruiser
• OMC, Cobra
• Volvo, SX
• GM
• Ford
• V6
• V4
• GT
• Crossflow
• Sea Drive
• 2.5 liter
• Opti Max, Pro Max
• Pro XS
• Sport Jet
• V Max
• OX66
• F150, F200
• F225, F250

The model designations listed above and throughout this website are used for reference and fitment purposes only. No affiliation exists between Wiseco Piston Inc. and any manufacturer listed above. The use of any trademark or other proprietary designation of OEM models in this website should not be construed as indicating sponsorship or official approval by the manufacturer.

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