Wiseco Part#: PWR149-100
Product Type: Engine Rebuild Kit
Description: Garage Buddy Honda CRF150R '07-09
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Complete Kit:  Crankshaft, Top End, Gaskets, Seals, Main Bearings
Bore - Standard:  66.0mm
Bore - Actual:  66.0mm
Bore - Oversize:  STD
Compression Ratio - Actual:  11.7:1 CR
Engine Type:  Cam Chain Included
Additional Info.:  Hour Meter Included

Retail Price: $582.62
Status: Out Of Stock
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Product Type: Promo Items
Wiseco Part#: D22 (View)
Price: $1.00

Product Type: Retaining Clips
Wiseco Part#: CW14 (View)
Price: $2.50

Product Type: Hour/Tach Meter Bracket
Wiseco Part#: W8062 (View)
Price: $9.95
Description: Wiseco Hour/Tach Meter Universal Mount

Product Type: Piston Pins
Wiseco Part#: S737 (View)
Price: $17.50
Description: Piston Pin- 14 x 36.5 x 8mm SW Chromed

Product Type: Crankshaft - Bearing
Wiseco Part#: B5053 (View)
Price: $22.84
Description: Main Bearing - 63/22

Product Type: Crankshaft Pins
Wiseco Part#: W6579 (View)
Price: $23.05
Description: Crank Pin- 25 x 50mm w/oiling hole

Product Type: Hour Meter with Log Book
Wiseco Part#: W8063 (View)
Price: $36.95
Description: Wiseco Hour Meter

Product Type: Ring - Set
Wiseco Part#: 6600YF (View)
Price: $37.50
Description: 66.0mm .8 x 1.5mm Ring Set

Product Type: Cam Chain
Wiseco Part#: CC013 (View)
Price: $64.37
Description: Camchain - '07-19 Honda CRF150R

Product Type: Crankshaft - Bearing
Wiseco Part#: B5054 (View)
Price: $68.20
Description: Main Bearing - Left Side CRF150R '07-19

Product Type: Gasket Kit
Wiseco Part#: WB1168 (View)
Price: $82.58
Description: Bottom End Gasket Kit- '07-19 CRF150R

Product Type: Gasket Kit
Wiseco Part#: W6589 (View)
Price: $91.76
Description: TopEnd Gasket Kit Hon CRF150R '07-19

Product Type: Single Pistons
Wiseco Part#: 4915M06600 (View)
Price: $166.00
Description: Honda 2007 CRF150R 4v Domed 11.7:1 CR

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