Wiseco Part#: 7900YBX
Product Type: Ring - Set
Description: 79.00 mm Ring Set - .9 x 1.5mm
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Specs:  There are no specifications entered for this item.

Retail Price: $94.50
Status: In Stock
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Product Type: Single Pistons
Wiseco Part#: 40202M07900 (View)
Price: $186.00
Description: Hon CRF250R '18-19, 250RX '19 13.9:1 CR

Product Type: Single Pistons
Wiseco Part#: 40011M07900 (View)
Price: $232.00
Description: Honda 2010-11 CRF250R 4vp Domed 13.5:1 CR

Product Type: Piston Kits
Wiseco Part#: PK1936 (View)
Price: $252.25
Description: Honda CRF250R '18-19, CRF250RX '19

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