Wiseco is Proudly Offering X2 Performance Valvetrain Components in their Powersports Performance Lineup

Premium Choice for Powersports Valvetrain Performance

From factory race machines to everyday rider’s bikes, ATVs, and UTVs, X2 valvetrain components have earned a high-performance reputation in the world of powersports. Wiseco's X2 line focuses on three main areas: utilizing the finest materials, manufacturing to the tightest tolerances, and providing the best finishes in the industry. In addition to valves, the X2 valvetrain lineup includes just about every complementary valvetrain component to make your machine’s valvetrain reliably perform above and beyond the average.

X2 Titanium Valves

X2 Titanium Valves

X2 titanium valves offer superior performance in a drop-in package. They are forged in a single piece from 6242 titanium alloy for optimal strength and weight-savings and receive a polishing treatment and Chromium-Nitride thin film coating to reduce friction and wear. CNC machined features such as the valve face dish and radius lock groove ensure all dimensions are held to exact tolerances for a tight seal and exact fit.

X2 Pro Series Titanium

X2 Pro Series

Evolving from standard X2 titanium valves, X2 Pro Series are two-piece titanium valves that boast similar high-quality material characteristics and wear reducing coatings. Using inertia (friction) welding and premium round bar material, this two-piece valve manufacturing method is proven in many forms of professional racing, from F1 to Supercross. X2 Pro Series valves are available for various new model dirt bike applications.

X2 Steel Valves

X2 Steel Valves

X2 steel valves are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and designed as a reliable drop-in option for machines originally supplied with steel valve equipment. These valves are machined to exact tolerances to ensure proper fit and easy installation. Typically manufactured with a hard chrome valve stem and utilizing a Black Nitride coating in some applications, these features combined with stainless steel construction offer unmatched durability.

Intake & Exhaust Valve Kits

X2 Valve Kit

X2 offers both intake and exhaust valve kits separately, making it easy and convenient to replace your specific valvetrain components that are worn out. These kits are available with steel or titanium valves depending on the application, making them a great option for OEM replacement or performance use. All X2 valve kits include X2 valves, springs, retainers, locators, and keepers, all manufactured to Wiseco and X2’s high quality standards.

X2 Master Kits

X2 Master Kit

X2 master kits combine intake and exhaust valve kits for a complete valvetrain rebuild package. These master kits are also available in steel and titanium depending on the application and OEM-supplied components and include all the same components as the individual kits, but in the required quantities to cover both the intake and exhaust sides.

X2 DLC Coated Buckets

X2 Coated Buckets

An integral component to a performance valvetrain, X2 DLC coated buckets offer superior wear qualities and friction reduction. High RPMs and aggressive tuning of high-performance engines can create a lot of heat, a rapid wear threat to the valvetrain. DLC coating provides a durable barrier to protect against these heightened wear risks. X2 DLC buckets are available for both intake and exhaust for many popular applications.

Individual Valvetrain Components

X2 Springs X2 Retainers X2 Locators X2 Valve Seals

All X2’s high quality valvetrain components are also offered individually for those that only need to replace or wish to upgrade a certain part. Components offered individually from X2 include:

  • Valves
  • Springs
  • Retainers
  • Locators
  • Guides
  • Keepers
  • Seals

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