Wiseco is Proudly Offering CV4 Thermal Protection Products in their Powersports Performance Lineup

Leader in Thermal Protection and Cooling Solutions

CV4 is a well-known name in powersports for their elite heat-protection focused line of products for dirt bikes and ATVs. Found flowing coolant and managing temperatures on everything from factory race machines to everyday rider’s bikes, CV4 products are rider-focused and race-proven. The CV4 lineup includes high-performance radiator hoses and clamps, high pressure radiator caps, thermal barrier film, temperature strips, and vent hoses.

CV4 Radiator Hoses

CV4 Radiator Hoses

CV4 radiator hoses are made from the highest-grade silicone material available in order to not only improve heat and abrasion resistance, but also improve ease of assembly and disassembly. CV4’s radiator hose kits are available in standard and Y-kit configurations. Y-kits have joints formed into the hoses themselves, reducing the number of fittings and clamps necessary, protecting against leaks and improving coolant flow and efficiency of your bike’s cooling system.

CV4 Radiator Caps

CV4 Radiator Cap

CV4 high-pressure radiator caps are manufactured with an increased pressure rating over stock, helping protect your bike against overheating.

CV4 Thermal Barrier Film

CV4 Thermal Barrier Film

CV4 thermal barrier film provides heat reflection to just about anything the film is applied to. Many racers choose to use these films on things like fuel tanks and fuel lines to keep fuel cooler and horsepower higher. Available in two heat resistance ratings, the silver film protects against highly-elevated temperatures of up to 1200° Fahrenheit, and the gold film protects against temps up to 800°, reducing temperatures by up to 36%.

CV4 Temperature Strips

CV4 Termperature Strips

CV4 adhesive-back temperature strips have a wide range of potential uses where temperature monitoring is crucial, from radiators to cylinder heads to shock bodies. They come in packs of 3 and are designed with incremental temperature monitoring sections that change color once that temperature is reached. Simply stick on they’re ready to go!

CV4 Universal Vent Line Kits

CV4 Vent Line Kits

Made from pure silicone rubber, CV4 vent line kits are designed for things like carburetor vent lines, gas cap venting, radiator overflow, and water bypass lines, to name a few. These kits are available in multiple popular colors and are highly flexible for easy installation and removal. These hoses are rated for temperatures up to 420° Fahrenheit.
Please note, these are not designed to be fuel supply lines!

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