W.P.F.’s legacy and mission

Building quality components in Mentor, Ohio, USA since 1941 has given Wiseco a unique perspective on what is required to be successful and grow with each passing year. We owe our success to our customers and the dedicated craftsmen who work here. We earn business from our customers through open communication, quick response, precision parts, repeatability, and adherence to schedule to insure their success. Whether you need 50 forgings for a small pilot run or 150,000 validated parts for production, WPF is ready to serve you.

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Precision forgings

Our near-net-shape forgings have Feature aligned grain flow…making them superior to billet. The result is higher strength, lighter weight, increased ductility, and resistance to impact and fatigue. A variety of finishing processes offer superior finish and minimize prep time by our customers.

Alloys and advanced materials

WPF forges Aluminum alloys, Aluminum MMC’s, Lithium Aluminum, and dispersion strengthened alloys. Common alloys are 2618, 4032, 2024, 6061, 7075, and other non-ferrous alloys. Wiseco purchases large quantities 4032 and 2618 and can pass the savings on to you. Processes for customer owned material are available..

W.P.F.’s four star structure:


Every forging is produced by craftsmen who understand our customer’s requirements. In addition, WPF is Iso 9001:2008 certified. We offer CofC (Certificate of conformance), J.I.T. delivery schedules, material certification and material testing is available. Wiseco’s quality lab is temperature controlled and fully outfitted with the best equipment. Our QC technicians have experience with critical measurement of a wide variety of components.


WPF offers design consultation, forge tool and forging design from finished piece models, modeling, and forging simulation. Simulation ensures the material flow is correct through thin cross-sections, bracing, etc. Wiseco has decades of experience with forgings requiring multiple hits to bring them to final form. Wiseco can optimize the forging shape for the customer and provide analysis of a finished component’s weight and forge-ability. We pride ourselves on doing this work quickly to bring the customer’s products to market quickly and easily. .

Forging presses

Wiseco precision forge has hydraulic and mechanical presses with open and closed die capabilities. The presses are well maintained insuring strict adherence to print and on-time delivery. Work piece and die temperatures are tightly controlled, reducing harmful temperature gradients which distort and weaken the part. Forging speed on hydraulic presses is computer controlled to optimize material flow for forgings with detailed and intricate features.

In house forge tool manufacturing

Wiseco Precision forge has decades of in-house forge tooling design and manufacturing experience. Our methods ensure optimum tool life and unmatched accuracy. Forge tooling can be quoted and produced quickly without the uncertainty of relying on outside vendors.


In addition to being the number one supplier of piston forgings, WPF takes great pride in the variety of components we produce for other companies. Our forgings are found in the braking systems, drivelines, and engines of the highest level.

Clutch components, Hubs, Pistons, Brake calipers, two-piece rotor hats, Rocker arms, Cylinder liners, Suspension uprights, Bearing Housings, Transmission/Driveline components, and Hydraulic system valve bodies are just some of the forgings we’ve produced over the years to some of the world’s largest and most respected companies.

WPF sales contact information

Email: ForgingSales@Wiseco.com
Phone: 440 497 3101
Fax: 440 951 6606
Correspondence: WPF Sales, 7201 Industrial Park Blvd., Mentor, OH. 44060
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