Performance Head Gaskets

To complement our complete line of pistons, Wiseco offers performance head gaskets for most of the common sport compact engines. Wiseco’s sport compact head gaskets are multi layer steel gaskets that are embossed and coated to conform to the sealing surface.

These gaskets are designed for the rigors of high boost, nitrous, high temperatures and engine loads and are of the highest quality in the industry. Gaskets can be found in the back of our sport compact catalog by visiting our general Automotive page and looking at the right margin for the sport compact links and clicking on 'Additional Accessories'.

High Performance Piston Rings

We have a huge ring selection for just about any application on the market. These rings are designed to be used with Wiseco pistons and can be found on the Automotive page under 'Additional Accessories'.

Our Pro Tru line of pistons utilize a plasma moly “pre-gapped” ring set for the budget minded consumer. Wiseco Sport compact kits include the high quality NPR XX rings, which are the best quality steel nitrided top rings and napier style 2nd rings. Our late model EFI lineup and several small block Chevy pistons are designed around the our 1.2mm Steel Nitride and napier GFX ring sets. Many of our big block sets utilize a .043 back cut top ring for extra material thickness around the intake valve.

High Performance Piston Pins

We have a few choices when it comes to choosing a piston pin. 5115 Material pins are chromium alloy and steel case hardened to 58-64 Rockwell C designed for normal wear and tear. 52100 Material Pins are high carbon chromium-bearing steel made of aircraft quality alloy and case hardened to 54-56 Rockwell C for high load capacity. 9310 Material Pins are high quality low carbon and are case hardened to 59-63 Rockwell C for turbo or nitrous applications.

These pins can be found toward the rear of our paper catalogs on the Automotive page listed under 'Additional Accessories'.

Tapered Ring Compressor Sleeves

Machined from Wiseco sleeve forgings to offer the same toughness as Wiseco's forged pistons. These compressor sleeves are hard anodized and Teflon coated for low friction and prolonged wear resistance. These sleeves have a smooth radius that tapers down to the specific bore size to make installation of any piston a breeze.

You will find that these sleeves compress the piston rings smoothly and evenly, greatly reducing the difficulty with installing thin high-performance oil rings. If you've ever broken or bent a ring, these high quality sleeves will be a lifesaver for your shop and come in a large range of sizes.

Honing Brushes

Wiseco supplies honing brushes in multiple sizes to assist in your rebuild. These nylon soft hone brushes assure a proper ring seal in Cast Iron Sleeved Cylinders. These brushes along with a cross hatch sanding will assure your rings will seal properly and have adequate lubrication.

Because the boring or honing process can be different based on cylinder type, please contact an engine builder to receive further instruction if you should have any questions.

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